Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Friendship Between Men and Women

Brett McKay's answer (he runs Art of Manliness)

Funny that a man, instead of a woman, is writing this for a webzine for women.

Men will have more in common with other men than with women. Men and women are different; "complementary" refers to the function within the marriage or household, not so much to the community at large. Emotional "intimacy" (if such a two-way relationship is possible) should only happen between a husband and a wife, and not between men and women in general. It is the well-being of the family brought about by the diversity of function that promotes the union of husband and wife, not necessarily having the same interests or hobbies and so on. The "companionate" ideal is an illusion fostered through cheap energy and entertainment - it goes beyond the romantic ideal nursed by some of the "traditional" elites and the realism of other members of that class.

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