Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I had hopes for this one...

Eve Tushnet on Boyhood.

Over the weekend I saw Jon Favreau's Chef. Two boys who are in broken homes, living with the consequences of divorce. Putting aside the possibly implied (not explicitly shown and it could be said that they were just having a really sensual dinner) one-night stand between Chef Carl Jasper and Scarlett Johansson's character, the movie is a crowd-pleaser for good reasons, among them the romance of operating of a food truck.

1. The importance of fatherhood, and quality father-son time and male bonding.
2. The passion of a man for his craft and to excel in it.
3. And there is also the fixing of the relationship between Jasper and his ex-wife. (Though it may not be so credible; she seems to be doing very well financially. Even at the top of his game, would Jasper be enough to satisfy her hypergamy? Questionable.)

It is a funny movie and there are probably worse Hollywood products out there that are clearly misandrist. At least this one does not mock the main character, though it does have a laugh at his expense because he is behind the times with social networking.

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