Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Archbishop Chaput on Mercy

A Jubilee Year of Mercy by Charles J. Chaput

Again, the Latin opposition between "justice" and "mercy," though some may find this more theologically erudite than the writings of the current patriarch of Rome.

Then there is this piece written by the directrix of worship for the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Jose: Why a Jubilee Year of Mercy Matters by Diana Macalintal

Do Catholic dioceses give a living wage to their employees, one that enables fathers to support their families while the mothers care for the home? In the Silicon Valley this may be difficult, but if those who are being hired (mainly women -- hence the implicit endorsement of at least "material" feminism) are hired because it is not a living wage but a second income for the family, what does this say about the adherence (or witness) of Roman Catholic chanceries to Roman Catholic social doctrine? If Roman Catholic churches cannot pay their employees, then maybe it is time to reconsider how they do things.

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