Saturday, April 23, 2016

Putting the Cart Before the Horse

Encouraging Place Attachment in Early Education by Julie Blum (Resilience)

Here is my proposal: Imagine that every student were required to take one class dedicated to the study of their local community in order to graduate from high school. This class could be a multi-disciplinary course in which students would create an individual project focused on a particular aspect of their city, town, or neighborhood. In the process of studying the history of a local bike trail, for example, a student might discover its origins as an ancient indigenous footpath and explore community efforts to preserve the trail over the course of many decades. Others might choose to research art in nearby public spaces, building heights and noise pollution, the quality of water, or the history of local war memorials.

Settling in a place is important, but it is secondary to the formation and preservation of community. Otherwise, attachment to place becomes another consumer option for a few. Of course some leftists may characterize the creation of attachment in children to the wrong sort of communities as intolerance or child abuse.

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