Saturday, April 23, 2016

Vox Day: A Message for the Conservative Establishment

He quotes Red Eagle's assessment of Russell Kirk in his 0contribution to Cuckservative:

As a set of ideas, they’re not particularly systematic, particularly when compared with more radical philosophies like Marxism and its innumerable offshoots, or at the other extreme, the Objectivism of Ayn Rand. They are arguably more a set of generalized assertions and attitudes rather than principles per se. Even so, they do represent a particular worldview, though it is not the worldview of the Founding Fathers or of the early American political generations. Notice as well that several of these principles are primarily defined by that which they opposed: the dominant left-liberal worldview of the mid-20th century. From their very beginning the principles of conservatism were subordinate and defensive in nature, or less charitably, they were submissive and passive-aggressive in their relation to the left.

Could Kirk have written a "positive" elaboration of conservatism without listing everything we have received? What should a traditionalist conservative strategy towards promoting community have looked like, beyond what Kirk wrote about agrarianism, industry, and so on?

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