Saturday, May 28, 2016

"You brought it on yourselves."

Re-Tribalizing America by Rod Dreher

At this point does it need to be said that Dreher's perspective is not unexpected and he's still playing the moderate?

Theodore Beale responds:

And he has this: Game is the entry point to the #AltRight

This is also relevant: Defeating the Female Imperative

If a men's group shouldn't be formed with the explicit goal of having a men's group, then what should the common interest be? Self-defense would be a good one; another would be God and growth in the spiritual life. Who will meet the needs of men?

A comment over at VD:

Note its Soldiers of Odin not Son's of Odin. That group isn't large yet but it went from 500 guys in Finland to 35 chapters with an unknown number of members in a few months. The hunger to be part of something constructive and pro White and western is there, untapped

For Christianity to have a proverbial prayer of coming back strong in Europe its going to have to meet that need, to be muscular, patriarchal pro White homeland and even warlike . Un-cucking churches won't be easy and un-cucking the current Catholic Church , even harder.

Otherwise something will fill that gap and it won't be Christianity or its Satanic mirror Progressiveism.

A feminist mangina who turned in his man card: Thugs, Bullies, and Donald J. Trump: The Perils of Wounded Masculinity by Randy Blazak

Reminds me of George Clooney talking about Trump's campaign being based on the fear of women.

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