Sunday, June 19, 2016

CWR: The "Benedict Option" or the "Gregorian Option"? By Fr. Andrew Liaugminas
Since the Benedict Option appears to be more motivated by cultural preservation than a supernatural outlook on engagement of the world, the Church is better pursuing a path that holds to the necessity of spreading the Gospel in the world.

The problems:
(b) a deep concern for the state of the world, and an all-in investment of our witness in public life to bring the light of Christ to the world;

(e) clear, firm, and effective administration of temporal affairs (Gregory knew how many grains of corn there were in a husk and made sure Rome was not being ripped off in the economic trades); and

With the loss of political community (b) and (e) have to be understood correctly. The enemy is not merely "secularism" but the secular modern nation-state.

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