Thursday, July 14, 2016

ASG 2016

Rod Carew and Tony Gwynn both had batting titles named after them. Are legitimate achievements overshadowed by suspicion that MLB is pushing a political agenda by naming the titles after two African-American men?

Then there was the secular religion on display, especially with the partnership between MLB and Stand Up 2 Cancer -- players, managers, coaches, officials, staff, fans holding up signs with the names of people they know affected by cancer and with whom they are standing, "intercessions" followed by this as a hymn:

Worse, FOX pushing feminism in the face of baseball fans by promoting their new show Pitch repeatedly during commercials:

Pitcher, the position least likely to be filled by a woman because they lack the upper body strength to throw baseballs fast enough -- just
blatant, in-your-face girl-power feminism. And it wasn't just the commercials; the FOX commentators, former baseball players, were being paid to promote this garbage. What a lack of manliness to stand up to it. They should have just quit rather than agree to it...

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