Monday, July 11, 2016

First Things Still TheoCon

Is Liberalism a Heresy? by Francesca Aran Murphy
Why liberalism and a market economy are based on Christianity (via MoJ)

In general, theologians and philosophers should avoid genealogy. And women are more in love with hearing themselves talk (or write) than a rigorous argument. They can write on their own dime, not subsidized by an academic institution that isn't worthy of the name. If there is a value to ordered liberty it is not as it is elaborated by modern liberals but by those who uphold some form of a more traditional Anglo-American political tradition.

Jack Donovan, Donald Trump Isn’t Your Daddy, And He Can’t Fix What’s Broken In America

The only culture Americans truly share is a culture of commerce. They identify with each other across racial, ethnic and sexual boundaries through a common love of products, of musical performers, of movies and television shows and clothing brands and sports teams. This culture of commerce is only capable of inspiring a national unity as cheap and disposable as the products that characterize it. If you could get everyone to be as fanatically devoted to the country as Apple users are to Apple, you might have something approaching a national culture, but the nation is divided over Apple and PC in rather the same way it is divided between Republicans and Democrats or gun users and gun prohibitionists.

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