Friday, August 19, 2016

A Step Forward, But Still Patronizing

Women Should Appreciate Masculine Virtues by Rachel Lu

"Many women today remain single simply because they are unable to find a good man."
A good man who satisfies their hypergamous desire.

"At times, it is reasonable for women to petition for inclusion in traditionally male activities."
Such as?

"For instance, men sometimes do need encouragement from their wives or mothers to be clearer communicators."
How about wife-mothers?

"Women also get frustrated with the characteristic male reluctance to ask for help or acknowledge neediness. "
If he did it in front of you, would you still respect him and find him sexually attractive?

"Men are at their best when they know that the women who love them are counting on them to come through. Let’s make sure that our husbands, sons, brothers and priests all know that they have good reason to be their very best."
Rollo T. would probably see this as being a statement of the Feminine Imperative.

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