Friday, August 19, 2016

Meet the Patels

Watched much of Meet the Patels earlier this year, but I may have missed something significant in the parts we skipped over that night.

Assuming that most of it is truthful, even if it may be an attempt to raise the profile of the sister (a filmmaker) and the brother (an actor) in Hollywood and a publicity gimmick, we see an aspiring Indian-American actor who may have decent looks but no charisma and game. He is an utter failure in trying to make a connection with Indian women, whose hypergamy and desire for an alpha shows through.

It is curious then that his old girlfriend whom he misses turns out to be a redhead from Connecticut, and she misses him as well. What did she see in him? Was it a form of proving her SJW bona fides? Rebellion against her parents or background? A genuine attraction for the "other" that was found lacking in the nice white boys back in Connecticut? I don't comprehend her attraction to him. He had very little experience dating; did the redhead just fall in his lap? For an actor, he has no charism, natural or otherwise -- and the Indian courtship rituals have been transformed in America, to the point that he is playing more by American rules of "dating" than by the roles governing those old customs. There is no arranged marriage attempted, but a modified version of matchmaking. The attractive young single Indian women you see in the movie all display hypergamy, and its' clear that he's not up to their standards.

One can only guess why the sister has failed to find a relationship up to the point the documentary was made. Perhaps she is more attracted to white men than to Indian men but no white man that meets her standards has been interested.


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