Sunday, October 30, 2016

Is there a blog by an anti-feminist or red-pilled women that hasn't yet revealed why women should probably not blog extensively on these topics? Eventually some serious flaw or another comes out that discredits them as a spokeswoman or teacher -- usually tied to some narcissism, which may explain why they blog in the first place, for the attention they gain in catering to a niche.

Only those older women who are settled should educate younger women and even then do son on a personal scale, rather than attempting to bring about change (if that is what they are trying to do) on a wide scale through mass media.

The latest example: JB -- Martial arts, men’s rights and what it means to be a man and Dancing like a whore is harder than it looks

Despite her claim to be anit-feminist, JB always struck me as still being some sort of egalitarian, and her latest post confirms my suspicion that she was ill-suited to the task she held out for herself.

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