Thursday, November 03, 2016

Rod Dreher Tries to Clarify Once and For All

Everybody Row, Or We’re Going Over The Falls

If we small-o orthodox Christians are going to have strong presences in our post-Christian cities, we are going to have to embrace the Benedict Option where we are. That means starting new, explicitly countercultural schools, or changing the ones we have. That means strengthening the local churches we have, and/or starting prayer groups and other fellowships that help us deepen our faith and communal bonds. My Catholic friend Leah Libresco Sargeant, as a single Catholic convert living in DC, depended heavily on the fellowship and spiritual support in the community around the Dominican House of Studies around Catholic U. Plus, she undertook some initiatives to build community among her young Catholic single friends. If you don’t understand that this is the kind of thing I mean by the Benedict Option, you don’t understand the Benedict Option.

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