Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Unqualified to Teach Men

Participation by women in a discussion of the speculative sciences may be tolerable, in so far as the arguments are more important than their authors (or their sex) but even in such discussions the political (or ecclesial) context cannot be eliminated completely, and the admittance of women to such discussion is tantamount to the claim that those women are the equal to men in the performing of that role. Perhaps when discussions are impersonal, done through journals and such, it poses less of a problem, but in a live forum, with all engaged in the discussion present? Questionable.

It is more certain that women should not be permitted to engage in political discussions or ethical discussions, especially when it concerns the behavior of men. As they have no authority over men, they have no basis on which to make demands or to teach or to exhort men to behave in a certain way. It is up to men to judge and monitor the behavior of other men. Even the unsolicited offering of advice is out of the question.

With regards to the off-the-air remarks made by Donald Trump to Billy Bush, which were leaked to the public, quite a few "social conservative" women have condemned his talk and behavior and have attempted to shame men into adopting their standards of behavior for a gentleman -- examples of women who enforce the Feminine Imperative. See The Thinking Houswife, or even more, Lydia McGrew over at What's Wrong with the World. Examples of women who suffer from puritanism, frigidity or repression? While they may labor under the delusion that they are having an impact based on their readership, that their work in educating others is valuable, how much do they deal with or lecture other people, both men and women, in real life? How much accountability do they have in real life?

It is easy to say that wisdom should be judged by its own merits when disseminated through the mass media, but in moral matters, the character and authority of the person claiming to be wise does matter with respect to their credibility. What evidence do female conservative bloggers have to establish their bona fides in the eyes of men? How do they treat the men in their own lives? And if they lived in submission to a husband or to the head of the clan, would they be so eager to lecture other men?

Toxic Masculinity by Jim Goad

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