Monday, June 19, 2017

The Future of the Apostolic Churches in the U.S.

While they may not embrace alt right philosophy any time soon, it seems to me that the Russian jurisidctions (Russian, ROCOR, OCA), are probably the least likely of all the Byzantine churches in the United States to become converged on questions of migration and multiculturalism. The OCA may be more open to inculturation while the other jurisdictions remain more ethnic but they, unlike the Greeks and some of the other slaves, do not make noise about the United States needing to show "compassion" or "charity" and allow more migrants in. (I don't recall any recent statements about "racism," either.)

Similarly, one would think that the Oriental Orthodox Churches and the Assyrian Church, with their long history of subjugation to Muslim invaders, would be especially sensitive to these questions, but they seem to have been encouraged to not assimilate or integrate into mainstream [white] American society. It seems that they will remain ethnic churches for some time. They may advocate for allowing Christian "refugees" from the Near and Middle East into the US, but I don't think they will extend this advocacy to Muslims. (I could be wrong.)

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