Monday, January 08, 2018

Eberstadt, Soconning Again

First Things: The Zealous Faith of Secularism by Mary Eberstadt
How the Sexual Revolution became a dogma

Socons/Latins tend to be overly concerned with the 6th and 9th commandments, and in a very restricted manner. Eberstadt recognizes that the secularists, or the "left ," is anti-Christian but nonetheless focuses on license without consequences as the ultimate goal of their advocacy.

This includes what is basically a restatement of her article on identity politics in that neocon toilet paper The Weekly Standard, which locates the source of the phenomenon to the alienation of self from others produced by the sexual revolution. Too reductionistic.

It's not all about easy sex, even if the advocates may benefit from that. Rather, who are the anti-Christian forces and why do they wish to destroy traditional sources of morality and authority? (And I don't include the modern state as a traditional authority, but its enemy. The secularists serve the state, or the state uses the secularists.) Not for the liberation of others but for their control and manipulation and money. It is easy to inveigh against unchaste behavior, but once you start naming names, you put your livelihood at risk.

If you use the term "Judeo-Christian," you're probably a cuck.

Her interview with Crux.

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