Thursday, March 26, 2020

The Wrong Spokeswoman for a Real Problem?

Sandro Magister: The Cry of Lucetta Scaraffia Against Another Plague: The Abuse of So Many Women in the Church

What is her justification for this claim?

I therefore think that at this moment of history it is the task of the laity, and primarily of women, strong in the preference given to them by Jesus as shown in the Gospels, to fight for the rebuilding of our beloved Church, by bringing the truth to light. Nothing good is ever built on lies, one cannot even draw from the treasury of tradition anymore, as we see these days.

The fight against abuse is driven forward with more clarity and determination by women, who often speak the truth with courage and without losing sight of love for the Church. I would just like to mention Marie Collins, the Irish victim whom Pope Francis had called to join the commission on abuse and who - alone - had the courage to resign when she saw that there was no serious progress in the right direction, publicly denouncing this.

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