Monday, June 05, 2006

Thomistic Institute

Looks like I will be going to the Thomistic Institute at Notre Dame at the end of July--I received a confirmed itinerary this afternoon. Fr. Flannery will be there, and I think Fr. Elders is going as well, along with Fr. Michael Sherwin, and Fr. Stephen Brock. Nice! (I didn't know Dr. Brock was a priest but I think I read that fact somewhere recently...)

My first sister and my brother-in-law returned toSan Luis Obispo yesterday with my niece. She is very cute, although she certainly prefers to be with her mother or father, and will cry if she is not being held by then and they are around. But she is very cute, and is starting to make noises. (She's also teething.) I think when I see her again she will be walking and be able to pronounce something specific. I'll try to teach her how to say "kau fu" (uncle on the mother's side) then. I should have taken a picture of her eating a banana at lunch yesterday. That would have been a nice monkey pic. haha. (We had dim sum at New Saigon just off of Lawrence Expressway, in Sunnyvale? The food there is good.)

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