Saturday, June 10, 2006

Walks at night

Is tonight a full moon? It was rather big and bright... I've been taking walks with my mom since I've returned to California... a good way to reconnect with her and to do some exercise, it's a peaceful way to pass time as well, since there is very little on television worth watching. (Dae Jang Geum is playing on ch. 32, and there is some Chinese historical drama playing on ch. 26 at 9 p.m., but not much else of interest. On Sunday night there is the NHK drama Komyo ga Tsuji with Nakama Yukie which seems to be all right, but I'm mostly interested in it because of Nakama Yukie. Unfortunately I can't find any pictures of her from the drama.)

My mom loves her granddaughter... sometimes when she calls me from my sister's and the niece is awake, I ask her to put Kylee on the phone. Kylee can recognize her name, and so when I say it, she makes her gurgling noise. Very endearing! Evidently my mom and Kylee have lots of fun laughing together. That's great... nothing like family to keep one grounded in what's important. Kylee is very strong, and stands in her crib a lot.

We walk all over the neighborhood, in all four directions (though this time around we haven't walked towards Home Depot...) Cupertino is very quiet and subdued at night, though on weekends one can see the Asians going to the new cafe that opened up on Blaney and Stevens Creek. The air is cool and fresh, and it's very easy to walk for a long time, 1.5 hours or even more, if my mom were up to it. If I get married, I would like to marry someone who enjoys taking walks at night and chatting... as much as I hate suburbia, at least the streets of Cupertino are safe at night.

Elizabeth Bennet likes walks...

I think I'll try to take more walks at night once I'm back in Boston, especially if the day has been rather hot... with the heat remaining in the house because of poor insulation, it might be the only option to stay cool and active.

On Thursday afternoon I drove up to Oakland to visit my friend in the Dominicans, Br. B. It was good to see him again, and we caught up on life. We want to Juan's over in Oakland for dinner; the Mexican food there was pretty good, and the guacamole was fresh. After that we went to Foster's, he got a soft-serve ice cream cone, I got a shake. The Dominicans seem to be improving; apparently there are several grads from TAC in formation as well. I'm more optimistic about the Dominicans than the Jesuits, though I wonder if Oakland/Berkeley is the ideal place for them. Perhaps with time the DSPT will gain pontifical faculties, but it would be nice if the Dominicans could operate some sort of school in San Francisco as well? Anyways, Oakland/Berkeley is very different from the medieval city, and I wonder if Dominican resources are being fully utilized in accordance with their charism in such a setting (even though they are kept busy). Still, the sort of obstacles the modern megapolis presents to evangelization are not limited solely to the Order of Preachers.

Brother Bernhard was telling me about Fribourg and how it is perhaps the best place for systematic theology from a Thomistic perspective, especially because it has Fr. Giles Emery and Benoît-Dominique de La Soujeole (for sacramental theology). I'm guessing it's even better than the Angelicum? May God preserve Fribourg!

If the Legionaries do continue with their university project in Sacramento, I hope they get enough good people to create a more integrated liberal curriculum witha proper emphasis on philosophy and theology. I don't know of many big-name LC philosophers and theologians, though there is one who has written on moral philosophy and served as a commentator for one of the networks during the coverage of last year's conclave and papal election (Thomas D. Williams, who has written Who is My Neighbor? for CUA press).

I found out that someone from Christendom (JC from New Braunfels) is getting married to someone else from Christendom (the first International Man of Leisure)--it's a rather surprising match; I imagine MPJ is still a traditionalist, but JC does love polyphony. Will they agree on philosophical issues? I think it is more likely than not. The wedding will be at the Christendom chapel, I have not heard if the reception will be on campus. It would be nice to attend, I think Sarge and I should go as wedding crashers and try to find some single Catholic women... not for one-night stands of course... haha

I haven't heard from JC for a long time, but apparently she is doing well and happy, and if they both focus on family and becoming holy together, that is all that matters. I hope there is some coverage in the Grapevine--it would be nice to see what she looks like in her wedding dress... I always liked her eyes, they fit well with her pretty face. Perhaps the Fossil Music Man will be in attendance with his wife, I should send him an e-mail.

Tonight I went to Happy Buffet in Milpitas with the Optometrist and xiao Jimmy. The food there was slightly better than Supper Buffet and Crazy Buffet, but in general I dislike buffets... in case any one wonders... even if it seems I like eating at buffets because I take advantage of what is offered... it's slightly compulsive behavior. The beef shortribs were ok, but the marinade was no good, as expected. The broccoli and string beans were cooked well, though it doesn't really take that much work to do that right. The roast beef... was dry. The sushi there was good--the fish tasted fresh at least.

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