Sunday, October 22, 2006

A review of John le Carré's The Mission Song

Review by Martyn Drakard for MercatorNet

John Mark Butterworth reviews Flicka:

The worst thing is that they took a boy's story and turned it into a chick flicka. The fashion now is female empowerment always and ever, as girls are taught to be tough, insolent, courageous, and aggressive. Boys get to taught to be weak, goofy. sneaky, vulgar and dumb.
Flicka is a strained, over wrought and over elaborate tale where none of the conflicts are real, and the relationship between her and the horse is false. We never find any reason why the horse should accept Katy as a friend. She doesn't do anything to earn it, and then the story devolves into the great contest of a wild horse race that will solve everything!

And possibly the worst offense:
Wyoming, set as a back drop in many scenes, is wasted. The scenes are far too brief and there is generally nothing in the scene to glory in it as much as we would want to.

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