Thursday, April 12, 2007

Behrakis Family Classical Studies Symposium

Part of the APS program was going over to the Behrakis Family Classical Studies Symposium over in Devlin. There John McKesson Camp II gave a lecture about the excavations of the Athenian agora. The lecture was quite good, and I liked the pictures of Athenian coins, especially the early coins with the image of Athena's owl.

Athenian Agora Excavations
The American School of Classical Studies at Athens

Metropolitan Methodius of the Greek Orthodox Church was present for the lecture. I wasn't sure if the Orthodox bishop I saw was him, but now that I see his photo... I wonder who the other Orthodox bishop(?) was... whoa... maybe it was Archbishop Demetrios himself.

Metropolitan Methodios' Easter Message For 2007
gallery for the Metropolis of Boston

I think Aristotle Papanikolaou was there too, but I've forgotten the name I read on the name tag so I can't say for certain. Was he talking to the rector of Holy Cross Orthodox School of Theology? Anyways, I overheard them talking about David Bradshaw, whom I know for his somewhat polemical writings against Latin theology, both scholastic and that of St. Augustine. Prof. Papanikolaou (?) said that Bradshaw would be publishing a response soon... but a response to what? I wish I could have caught the rest of the conversation. I wouldn't mind spending some time around the Orthodox, even though I wouldn't have much to say to them...

Prof. Papankolaou's Being With God

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