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Fr. Ephraim

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He was a disciple of Elder Joseph the Hesychast of Mount Athos and nun Theophano ( discussion of Elder Joseph; an article about his spiritual teaching).

Fr. Ephraim is a figure of some controversy who has founded numerous Orthodox monasteries in the United States. discussion of Fr. Ephraim and of the monasteries
A defense of Fr. Ephraim against Concerned POEM: Athos in America
In Response to David Smith concerning St. Anthony's Monastery

I have no competence to judge particular individuals (the theology/spiritual teaching is a different question, but that is better left to an expert on the topic), but speaking from an aesthetic viewpoint, the monasteries look good.

Monasteries of Fr. Ephraim

Holy Annunciation
Holy Archangels Monastery
Holy Transfiguration Monastery
Panagia Prousiotissa
Panagia Vlahernon
St. Anthony's Monastery
St. John the Forerunner Monastery
St. Kosmos Aitolos Monastery
St. Paraskevi Monastery
Monastery of the Theotokos the Life-Giving Spring (SF Goarch site down?)

What to know when visiting a monastery

Not to be confused with Monk Ephraim of Katounakia: Exemplary figure of contemporary Athonite monasticism

A photo of the two Ephraims, Abbot Ephraim on the left, Fr. Ephraim on the right:

On the World and Family by Elder Ephraim
Elder Ephraim on the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad
Elder Joseph the Hesychast and the Teaching of Mental Prayer Which Flowed from His Letters:
A homily by Abbot Ephraim of Vatopaidi Monastery
Elder Joseph the Hesychast on Patience and Endurance

Elder Joseph the Hesychast:

An icon:

Elder Ephraim with Elder Joseph:

Exaltation of the Holy Cross Monastery
Saint Gregory Palamas Monastery

Cross Room at Mount Athos
Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Brookline (

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