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Catholic Encyclopedia: Conimbricenses
(Or Collegium Conimbricenses).

Jesuits and the Sciences, 1540-1620
Ressources en ligne pour l'étude de la scolastique moderne (1500-1800) : auteurs, textes, institutions (check out their links)
A Pictorial History of the Jesuits
Jesuit Educational Tradition

University of Coimbra

From Marquette University Press:

The Conimbricenses. Some Questions on Signs Edited, Translated, and with an Introduction by John Doyle. ISBN 0-87462-241-7. MPTT #38. Paper. 217 pp. $25

“Doyle’s work, thus, with this invaluable edition, emerges from the shadowy margins of scholarly research done for its own sake into the spotlight of mainstream contemporary intellectual developments. This work marks a major contribution both in semiotics and in the general history of philosophy. For the Conimbricenses on signs is a part of the whole of the Latin Age, the ‘medieval period’ separating ancient Greek thought, first from modern philosophy, and now from the postmodern development wherein the lost Latin centuries between Ockham and Descartes are recovered and restored to their rightful place as an organic part of the overall medieval development. This development began indeed with Augustine but, after all, neither wholly culminated in Aquinas nor terminated in Ockham. For the outstanding contribution made in this edition before us, no longer only professional academicians are in Professor Doyle’s debt, but all the students of philosophy and intellectual history in general. This work is a major piece in the puzzle of what happened to philosophy between Ockham and Descartes, and ensures that Professor Doyle’s scholarship will receive the wide appreciation it deserves.” —John Deely, University of St. Thomas, Houston

Annotated Bibliography of John P. Doyle

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