Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday fun

Had dinner with Fujian Gal tonight at Victoria's; I don't have many friends here in Boston, which is ok with me, hasn't really bothered me thus far. The restaurant was packed when we got there (around 8), but by the time we left it was less than half-full. I had a chance to take a better look at the photos of si tau po on the wall--I think she got married, since there was a couple of photos of her dressed up in a formal gown, and I think another of her in a cheongsam or something else Chinese. Fujian Gal was feeling a bit nauseous before dinner; she felt sick the other night and threw up. I'm not sure if it was because she had skipped several meals or hadn't been drinking enough water to counter water loss due to the heat.

She was wondering if there are any good doctors, since it appears that those whom she meets while working are willing to cheat on their wives. Eh. However, she is interested in some opthamologist and was trying to find out if he is married or not. Hmmm.

She mentioned that one of her former supervisors (the regional manager?), who had been laid off in the last P----r purge, called her up last week(end?) and said that he liked her and wanted to meet up with her, and has been calling her since. While she doesn't like him, she thinks she may have led him on by being nice to him, responding to his text-messages, responding somewhat to his flirtations. Next week she is supposed to meet with him and she will try straighten things out. However, she is afraid of "being mean" and "hurting his feelings," to which I said she is just being honest by telling him that she's not interested and she shouldn't worry so much about him, since he should be able to handle it. After all, it is her prerogative to turn him down.

larger version

We went to see Ocean's 13 at AMC Chestnut Hill--as usual, there weren't many people at the theater, and another benefit of going there is that parking is free. Since we arrived at the theater early, Fujian Gal decided to sit on another movie while we waited for O13 to start--we sat in on Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. I didn't care to watch the first one, though I did find what I saw of this one somewhat entertaining. The CGI wasn't that great though.

She expressed an interest in seeing I am Legend, but she didn't know what it was about. I told her that it was about a disease, a bit like 28 Weeks Later, though I didn't think it would be as scary.

As for O13, one doesn't expect a "piece of art," as its stars acknowledged during the interviews, through the use of sarcasm. So, as a recording of Hollywood pretty people having fun it serves its purpose, and is better than O12, though it lacks Catherine Zeta-Jones. I was laughing througout the movie, so mission accomplished.

The movie does sort of embody what is wrong with America, especially in its depiction of Las Vegas. Easy opportunity and easy money, ostentatious displays of opulence and luxurious settings, and being cool and stylish and pretty... isn't this what some people think of when they think of the American dream? Isn't Donald Trump the ideal American who's been successul in attaining it (at least with respect to wealth, if not looks)? Sure, there are references made to Oprah and her "charity" work, but perhaps that is also a clever joke aimed at celebrities who think they are doing so much for society. (Then again, maybe they do take Oprah seriously as a philanthropist and spiritual guru.)

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Anonymous said...

I always enjoy your snippets of social life! It is too bad you don't have more friends in Boston. I wonder why that is okay with you, though? I would love to have more friends in Boston.

Sorry to hear that Fujian Girl has been feeling ill.

papabear said...

Ok with it? Probably because it's only temporary and I don't plan on staying here the rest of my life. If I did, I'd be more active in meeting people I suppose, but regardless of where I am, it won't be that easy to meet committed Catholics.