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The Husband as Head of Family

Orthodox perspectives on the authority of the husband: Fr. Gregory's Orthodox Catechism;
Deacon Raphael; St. George Serbian Orthodox Church, Carmichaels - Teachings on ...

A take similar to Pope John Paul 2's:
Reflections on Ephesians 5:22-33 The St. Nina Quarterly

Father Alexander's website has been updated, it appears. Unfortunately the booklet on marriage doesn't seem to be available.

Some Catholics continue to believe that JP2 presented a novel teaching about "mutual submission" that reversed centuries of teaching by popes, theologians, and the Church Fathers about the headship of the husband. It should be obvious what their response to Catholics holding the traditional position might be; how would they deal with the Orthodox, who generally hold the same teaching on this matter? More charges that the Orthodox are culturally (and "theologically") backward and in this case sexist? How is that going to contribute to ecumenism.

If this Scriptural moral teaching is culturally conditioned, then what other teachings are culturally conditioned? Scripture tells us what sort of precepts of the Old Law are no longer binding, though it does not give an extended theological treatment of the question, like Aquinas. Other sayings may need to be reflected upon prayerfully and in submission to the Magisterium so that we can discover their rationale. Do we really want to reduce what St. Paul (and St. Peter and so on) say about the authority of husbands to the same status as his statement about women wearing headcoverings in Church? (As for that example--as a command pertaining to the virtue of modesty, could one not say that it is not merely an enforcement of the cultural mores of that time, as if those mores are arbitrary and have no real justification, or worse representative of efforts by men to suppress women?)

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