Monday, June 18, 2007

Tunnel plan shakes Gaudi treasure to its foundations

Tunnel plan shakes Gaudi treasure to its foundations
WITH its soaring columns, Antonio Gaudi's unfinished masterwork, La Sagrada Familia, has always looked as if it might suddenly collapse on itself, like a giant cake.

And now the architect in charge of efforts to complete the church, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain, says the building is indeed threatened - by a train tunnel due to be built within a few feet of its foundations.

"The project could cause irreparable damage to the Sagrada Familia," said, Jordi Bonet, 81, who leads a group of 20 architects. "The slightest shift could cause ceramics to fall from the vaults. It could provoke cracks.

"What would possess someone to build a tunnel like this next to the heaviest building in Barcelona, the most visited monument in Spain?"

Yes, why? What's wrong with the Spanish. [High-speed] train travel should be facilitated (though the question of how necessary it is for people to travel that far that often should be raised), but to put at risk one of the great religious and cultural artifacts of Barcelona?

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