Monday, October 15, 2007

The Counter

I met with some high school friends last night for dinner at The Counter at Santana Row. The burgers were tasty, and the fries were ok (the cheese fries looked cheap though)--the prices match its location. A gourmet burger joint, trying to appeal to the clientele of Santana Row and Valley Fair and their wallets and purses. It ultimately it isn't worth it. (As far as I'm concerned.) Better to get some "organic" beef and have a backyard bbq with all the toppings you could want. ("Locally produced" beef from cows raised in a humane manner that respects the environment and the principles of polyculture as much as possible is a mouthful--I don't think Michael Pollan came up with a word to describe this type of agriculture. It's not necessarily the same as permaculture, and it goes beyond organic, especially industrial organic.) There isn't much in terms of decoration or design--the restaurant is rather modern in that respect.

My sisters went to The Counter last time they were in the area, but I declined going as I was a bit tired and groggy from my nap, and didn't want to make the drive. I think KK liked the food there. I thought it was a decent hamburger but the price is a definite minus.

SL still goes to Kirk's Steakburgers, and it apparently is still good. I should go there, if I find another coupon. Apparently a new one has opened near the Santa Clara City Library off Homestead. I also found out that she's expecting #2, due in late Feb. or early March. Congratulations! Another baby, fun fun!

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