Monday, October 15, 2007

JHK: The Casino Syndrome

JHK comments on the rush by states to attract casinos. He also mentions state lotteries. It reminds me of the candidates running for the Cupertino City Council who seek to generate more revenue for the city by persuading businesses to open in Cupertino. The revenue would come from the sales tax. The business (whether it be a bookstore, or a major retailer, or what have you), would attract not only Cupertino residents, but residents of nearby cities as well.

So, instead of having a productive, self-sufficient economy, the city (or the state, in the case of casinos) must get money by acting as a parasite, getting money from wherever it can in order to finance its expenditures, which may not be necessary. How much of these tax dollars are actually being wasted? I can point to one place of waste: the public schools.

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