Friday, June 06, 2008

The Confederate Flag

In the news again...

Confederate flag gets HS students barred from graduation
No Graduation for Confederate Flag-Wavers


Southern Heritage Group Flies Flag in Face of Furor
Confederate flag display ignores the complexities of our heritage
Why Fly the Confederate Flag?
Huge Confederate flag is raised early along I-75 and I-4
Confederate group plans giant flag in Hillsborough County - St ...

Sons of Confederate Veterans
Sons of Confederate Veterans, Florida Division, Inc.

Wouldn't it be better (i.e. less controversial and yet just as meaningful for those who know what it represents) just to use the Bonnie Blue Flag?

Or is it, or any other flag of the CSA, irredeemably tainted by the CSA and slavery? If there is to be a new South upholding all that was good and repudiating that must be repudiated, one which is composed of blacks and whites and everyone else, maybe a new flag can be created to represent it.

But first enough people need to become interested in relocalization and preserving Southern identity...

Wiki: Flags of the CSA
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Dr. J. Michael Hill, The Demonization of the South

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