Sunday, August 10, 2008

Appaloosa trailer!

Appaloosa trailer @ Yahoo! Movies

Nice hats! Jeremy Irons! How is the original novel, and will the movie be as good or better? I hope it is a better western than 3:10 to Yuma. (Steven Greydanus has reviews of the 2007 movie and the 1957 one.) I don't know anything about the story--is it more like a real Western of yesteryear, or is it a postmodern one? Renee Zellweger looked all right, but when I rewatched the trailer, I heard her talk, and that caused me to have doubts about her.

Edit: Official website. Larger version of the poster. "Feelings get you killed." What could this possibly mean?

Some stills here, via Oscar and the City.

Sam Elliot should do another Western... Cowboys and Indians article on Mr. Elliot. (There should be a more recent article, but the archives are unavailable.) Hmm... just found this news/rumor that he is doing another Western.

Fr. Berger loved Westerns. Has he seen any since he left the US?

I finally saw the Babylon A.D. trailer--are there enough Vin Diesel fans out there to watch this? It will probably have more action than Children of Men. Not quite as futuristic as The Fifth Element.

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