Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Body of Lies trailer

Body of Lies trailer @ Yahoo! Movies

The way the trailer was cut, you might think the movie was done by Tony Scott, not Ridley.

Finally saw the trailer--it stars Leonardo di Caprio, doing his tough guy act that we've seen in The Departed and Blood Diamond. And Russell Crowe talks with... a Southern accent? Just wondering, what's the percentage of Southrons in Federal agencies as opposed to the military?
It may be hold the attention of Americans better than Syriana; will it be as critical of the policies of the National Government? How faithful is the movie to the novel? (EW review of the book.) Official movie website.

I still haven't seen American Gangster.

British film-maker Ridley Scott (L) is pictured during the filming of his movie "Body of Lies" 01 October 2007 in Rabat. Leonardo Di Caprio stars in "Body of Lies" as a former journalist injured in the Iraq war who is hired by the CIA to track down an Al Qaeda leader in Jordan. (AFP/Getty)

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