Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Benedict XVI in Israel, continued

More from Zenit:
Latin Patriarch's Welcome Address to Benedict XVI [2009-05-12]
"You Stand Before a Small Flock that Is Shrinking"

Pontiff's Words at Latin Patriarchate Co-Cathedral [2009-05-12]
"I Give Thanks for "the Hidden Apostolate of the Contemplatives Who Are Present Here"

Homily of Benedict XVI at the Mount of Olives [2009-05-12]
"In the Holy Land There Is Room for Everyone"

Papal Address to Holy Land Ordinaries in Upper Room [2009-05-12]
"The Different Christian Churches Found Here Represent a Rich and Varied Spiritual Patrimony"

Benedict XVI's Visit to the Grand Rabbinate [2009-05-12]
"Our Two Communities Are Challenged to Engage People of Good Will at the Level of Reason"

Papal Address to Muslim Leaders in Jerusalem [2009-05-12]
"Here the Paths of the World's Three Great Monotheistic Religions Meet"

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