Saturday, October 17, 2009

Asia Times: Going 'deep', not 'big', in Afghanistan
An analysis making waves in Washington by a veteran United States officer calls for the withdrawal of the bulk of United States combat forces from Afghanistan over 18 months, warning against General Stanley McChrystal's counter-insurgency strategy. Lieutenant Colonel Daniel L Davis says that it is already too late for US forces to defeat the insurgency. - Gareth Porter (Oct 16, '09)

You can find his paper here (or here).

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Anonymous said...

That has been the cry of SPEC OPS ever since the first conventional forces arrived in the 'Stan. They have always considered it a unconventional war. The Northern Alliance w/ their SF teams & CAS drove the Taliban & al-Qaeda all the way to the eastern & southern border w/ no support from conventional forces. It was only after the 'brass' from the conventional forces push to have a piece of the pie did sh*t start going down hill...