Saturday, October 17, 2009

The October issue of the Japanese magazine Combat has a special on Magpul Dynamics seminars. (I think I have the correct title -- I'll verify next time I'm at Kin0kuniya. Nvm. It is right.) When I looked at this issue several weeks ago, I didn't know who the instructors were. Yesterday I could identify Travis Haley and Chris Costa.

(What exactly is the relationship between Magpul Industries and Magpul Dynamics? The sharing of the same name is not simply coincidental. Magpul sells MD stuff, like the logo patch. MD is a branch of MI, but what is the corporate hierarchy like?)

Here is a review of a recent training session in San Jose.

Review: "The Art of the Tactical Carbine" - Military Photos

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I think the article stated Chris Costa uses a LWRC carbine (with some Magpul components?). I don't pay that much attention to guns, so I don't know.

Sorry, it's not Combat but the October issue of Arms Magazine. (I double-checked when I was at Kinokuniya SF this morning. 30 minutes not enough time to browse both floors.)


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