Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rod Dreher: The joy of the priesthood

Mr. Dreher links to this story, "After 50 years, Father Bill still remembering the joy," which would seem to testify to the reasons for a celibate priesthood (first enumerated by St. Paul):

"She's my caregiver," he said of Effie. "A few years ago, I had to replace a heart valve. Then it was prostate cancer. Now it's leukemia. I'm dead without her. And over the years, I sometimes feel I've abused time with her, too. That I should have spent more time with her and my kids. I didn't see their Little League games, and so on. But there are two sides to the coin."

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Anonymous said...

You know, the point that I picked up from that story is the part that you didn't quote:

"I walked the halls at Mayo Clinic at 3 a.m. and said, 'Hey, I'm a priest. Lord, why don't you give me a break? It's our daughter. Can't you do something?' And I was angry, and after she died, I became a little bitter. But it's part of the process. You go through all these emotions. Did it help me? I would later meet people in their own suffering. You don't give them theology when they're suffering. And then they would say, 'You know how it is, Father.' And I would say, 'Now I understand, Lord. Why should I complain? You gave your only son.' "

There's room for both kinds of priesthood.