Thursday, November 12, 2009

US News and World Report: Your Kids Can't Say No to Candy? Blame It on Their Brains

Indeed, the past decade of research on children's brain development has shown conclusively that they are not little adults and that the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain used for higher-order decision making, doesn't mature in humans until the teenage years or beyond. That's undoubtedly an evolutionary development, says Thompson-Schill, since there's no such difference between child and adult brains in other primates. She calls that delayed frontal lobe maturation "cognition without control," the title of her new paper in Current Directions in Psychological Science. Cognition without control is a good thing for children, the scientist says, even if it sometimes drives their parents bonkers.

What is the cause and effect here? Materialists think that changes in the brain lead to changes in behavior or "decision-making"; but if the brain is a tool of the soul, and not its cause, might it not be the case that the brain changes once we attain the "age of reason" and reason about our behavior?

Which reminds me, I should type up something about the natural love of God, and whether children intend certain ends in the same way as adults...

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