Saturday, November 14, 2009

Zenit: University Federation to Look at Postmodernity
Rector Says Church Must Present Truth to Anyone Seeking It

In presenting the assembly, Father Ghirlanda noted how the search for truth is a "constituent element of man's nature, and of his dignity and vocation."

"The Church," he added, "must offer the means for the truth to be discovered by everyone who seeks it. [...] This is why the mission of Catholic universities is not only aimed at the Catholic faithful -- in many of them, in fact, Catholic students are a small minority -- but to all men and women who wish to receive an integral education for the development of a free and responsible personality."

The adjunct secretary of the FIUC, Pedro Nel Medina Varon, spoke of three responsibilities of Catholic universities.

The first, he said, is preserving Catholic intellectual tradition: "the reflection that the Christian community has been developing for the last 2,000 years concerning the most profound questions about life and the human condition, as well as the beliefs and values transmitted by the Gospel."

The second task, Varon suggested, is "the integral education of the person." And the third is "service to the Church."
1. But what mission does the university serve in disclosing truth to those who seek it? Should not the burden be upon the Church to evangelize the non-believer? Without a solid foundation in the natural sciences, what can Catholic universities possibly do, except to add to the confusion and indoctrination that passes for being educated?

2. The Legionaries like to talk about "integral formation." I believe I have seen some curial officials use "integral" with respect to education as well. What is "integral" opposed to, and what sort of curriculum does it imply?

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Edit. A discussion of the LC's integral formation over at Life after RC.

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