Thursday, January 21, 2010

How can one avoid the impression that the supposed "conservatives" of the SCOTUS and the Republican party are nothing but tools of the corporations?

The LA Times: Supreme Court overturns ban on direct corporate spending on elections
In a 5-4 decision that strikes down a 1907 law, the justices say the 1st Amendment gives corporations, just like individuals, a right to spend their own money on political ads for federal candidates.

Reaction at LRC blog: Liberals on Free Speech and Finance Campaign Laws
Liberal Hatred of Civil Liberties

Paleolibertarians: friends or foes of republicans? Kinsella makes a good distinction between what the Federal Government is empowered to do, and what state governments are empowered to do. Can it be definitively shown though that the rights enumerated by the Bill of Rights extend to corporations and other groups?

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