Sunday, January 17, 2010

Whoever wrote the script for this season of 24 doesn't understand the structure of Iran's government. No surprise--most Americans don't. Or maybe the scriptwriter does, but had to choose the Iranian president to be the peacemaker and negotiator for the sake of drama. After all, it would be a bit incredible if the supreme ayatollah was having an affair, wouldn't it?

We see that Jack is once again indispensable because management is too incompetent to do its job correctly. Why bother to reconstitute CTU if its leadership continues to be a failure? Doesn't the Federal Government have any other agents who can do the work, instead of making Jack come out of retirement?

The show paints itself into a corner because of the requirements of drama; it shouldn't be a surprise if the stories lose plausibility and become worse and worse with time.

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