Saturday, January 23, 2010

Today for lunch I went to Amber India with the siblings --it was the first time for me. Was the quality of the food better than Bombay Garden? Probably, but the number of dishes was limited, and I missed the fried bread of Bombay Garden. The naan was ok, but more burnt than I like. A lot of the chicken dishes used chicken breast, so they're probably more expensive than those using dark meat but the problem is that the chicken breast was rather dry. (As was the tilapia.) The butter chicken, using shredded pieces of tandoori chicken, was good. The lamb dish was nice the first time I ate it, but afterwards I found the spices to be too much. I liked the rice pudding -- they added some almonds to it. I didn't try any of the vegetarian dishes; my sisters did, but I didn't ask them what they thought. It's $15.95 for lunch on Saturday and Sunday, $14.95 on weekdays. (Same prices as Bombay Garden, I think.)

(I think if I had to choose between the two, I'd pick Bombay Garden, though it might be "riskier." Nevertheless, more Indian cuties probably go to Amber India.)

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