Friday, March 19, 2010

Christopher Check, Saint Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church, Pray for Us!

The land that spawned Oliver Cromwell has given the Irish enough sorrow for the world to share, and anyone doubting the trials of Irish in America might look into the cruelty they endured as conscripts in Zachary Taylor’s army, cruelty that, along with our ill-treatment of the Mexican female population and desecration of Catholic churches south of the Rio Grande, drove the San Patricios to defect and fight for the Mexicans during the war even Ulysses Grant called unjust. My affection for Irish protest songs draws no end of ridicule from Tom Fleming and no end of patient sighs from Fr. Hugh Barbour. Both men, with scholastic precision, have explained to me why English folk songs are musically and morally superior...

Those arguments would come in handy for agitating various people at Christendom... haha.

Mr. Check concludes his piece:

Italian holy cards probably have not helped us form the image of Saint Joseph invoked by these two great popes. But an understanding of the Patron of the Universal Church as her militant protector from the forces of revolution is one we should cultivate. Fathers especially. After all, it is fathers of Christian families, Charles Péguy observed, that are today’s counter-revolutionaries.

Do Catholics need a men's movement? Probably not, but Catholic men should invoke the aid of St. Joseph as they live up to their vocation and try to bring about sanity in an insane world.

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