Sunday, March 14, 2010

Peter Hitchens, We live in a Marxoid college of crime

Peter Hitchens, We live in a Marxoid college of crime

‘Rehabilitation’ is a flatulent fantasy. Under our current system, miscreants are incorrigible long before they serve their first prison sentence. They have learned over many years of ‘cautions’, ‘community service’, unpaid fines and unserved ‘suspended sentences’ that authority has no guts and is not to be feared. When at last they get to prison, they will be among friends, and in control.

It is not our prisons which are ‘colleges of crime’. It is modern Britain which is a college of crime, rewarding the wrongdoer and abandoning the children of the poor.
Chief Constables are like First World War generals, donkeys repeatedly doing the wrong thing, in the hope that one day it might work – but never questioning the dud social-worker theories which have had them in their grip for the past half-century.

But that is not to say that ‘public feeling’ is much better. Crude mob rage against paedophiles, the ugly foam-flecked crowds that smack their fists on prison vans as culprits are driven away after horrific trials, the ready acceptance that criminals should be allowed, even encouraged, to punish each other behind bars, the current strange frenzy about Jon Venables, offer no civilised or effective answer.

Our crisis of crime is mainly the result of the mistaken and discredited theories of socialism together with the decisive triumph of selfishness over selflessness which took place in the Sixties. The problem is that socialism, and selfish Sixties ideology, have all the major political parties in their grip.

So the remedy, though fairly simple, will not be tried unless this country has a political, moral and social counter-revolution as great as the upheaval it experienced 50 years ago – but in the opposite direction. This is what I argue for, week after week, wherever I can.

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