Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Nov./Dec. Gilbert Magazine at the printer!

And what an issue this one is! The October/November/December issue of Gilbert Magazine is devoted entirely to the difficult and sublime topic of Distributism. Helping us in this endeavor are a slew of guest contributors from The Distributist Review, our fellow warriors in the ongoing battle to educate people about the benefits of the practical appliction of the Catholic Church’s social doctrine, i.e., Distributism.
Joining us in this issue are David Cooney, Bill Powell, Donald P. Goodman III, John Médaille, Ryan Grant, and Thomas Storck. Rounding out the roster are Dale Ahlquist, Richard Alemen, Fr. James V. Schall, and of course G.K. Chesterton himself, who invites readers, at the outset, “Let us cross-examine ourselves, as if preparing for a confessional, about exactly how much there is of anything worth calling Democracy in the welter of wealth and poverty and wage-slavery and world-wide worship of millionaires, that goes to make up the fashion and public opinion of our time.”

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