Saturday, January 22, 2011

There is this one girl I've known since she was in 2nd grade, 3 years ago.

I can't remember what brought this on, I think I said no when she asked for something, but she then said, "Sh--." She apologized quickly, but I was a bit shocked. My first reaction: who has been such a bad influence upon her? One of her friends from last year, who had attitude problems? Or her sister, who must now be in middle school or just starting high school.

She has somewhat of a bad attitude now. Sometimes she can be sarcastic in her answers, and there is not a little lack of respect towards school. Earlier this week I asked her if her teacher said anything about her class's behavior and she replied, "I don't know. I wasn't listening. She just says, 'Blah blah blah blah.'"

What is wrong with her attitude towards study? Is she just lazy? Is it a real lack of interest? Is it frustration and a lack of self-confidence because she isn't getting good grades? Or has she given up on learning because she isn't very good at it and she believes this?

This suggestion might seem wrong to a liberal, but would she better off learning a manual trade and basic life skills?

At any rate, there isn't much that I can do to change her attitude, and I wouldn't be surprised if in 5 or 6 years she's a single mom. Since when have public schools acted in loco parentis rather than bureaucratic institutions that are trying to reduce their liability?

If administration can show neglect or some other failure, how long will it take for this Oakland teacher to be fired? And will any of the parents sue the district?

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