Saturday, February 19, 2011

Converts from Feminism

There are probably women who have decided to stay at home and give up a career or cut back on work hours once they became mothers, because they felt the "primal" urge to be there to take care of their children. Is this a good enough conversion? Would it be too much to expect that a woman would reject the life plans they had embraced not because of emotion and instinct, but on the basis of reason? I'll explain why -- women's subordinating their needs to the needs of their children may be facilitated through oxytocin and the nuturing "instinct," but it is not enough to turn them against feminism, if they continue to be feminists but within the home -- in how they treat their husband, their others expectations of life, and so on. There is a temptation for women to put a greater priority on their children their their married life and the needs of their husbands. Feminism would compound this. (Feminism might be working in tandem with an emotional response to a woman's bad experiences with their fathers or other men.)

Should we not expect that emotion/instinct to be subordinated to (or elevated through) reason for women? There are misogynists who would go so far as to claim that women are no better than children, mentally, and I think this is an incorrect assessment driven by strong emotions.

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