Saturday, February 05, 2011

KoreAm Article on Jane Kim

Following Her “True North”

I came across the article through Facebook at the beginning of this week; on Wednesday night someone posted a criticism of Jane Kim, writing that she hasn't really done anything substantial. The interview was rather boring -- would a male politician have been given the same questions? Would a male politician have given the same sort of answers? After all, Uhmerican politicians might be the same regardless of sex because the men don't have any masculine virtue. I don't see the interview as anything but another means of pandering to the public. "Shameless," as the ancients might say. It could also be characterized as a pro-feminism fluff piece.

Narcissists are attracted to the spotlight: entertainment, news, journalism, and... politics. She can try to show me that my impressions of her are incorrect.

The latest controversy: San Francisco supervisor Jane Kim refuses to recite the Pledge of Allegiance
Tough Week For Jane Kim: Is It Because She's A Woman?
San Francisco Supervisor Jane Kim defends not reciting Pledge of Allegiance
Jane Kim's brave stand on Pledge of Allegiance
Supervisor, Pledge of Allegiance Dissenter, And Now Cover Girl Jane Kim

Can we say, "Guess what, you're part of the problem now?" San Francisco gets the politicians it deserves. She's lived here only 11 years, but she probably fits in with that crowd.

Also from KoreAm: The Kimchi Chronicles

If I were Korean-American, would I like the journal more? I usually wouldn't be interested in reading the Chinese-American equivalent. That sort of false multiculturalism that ignores how assimilated most East Asians tend to be with respect to core values (liberalism and consumerism) is just stupid.

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