Monday, March 07, 2011

The role of the father in homeschooling

A comment left by tinlaw at a discussion on public education at Vox Populi:

Home education is about much, much more than academics. As a home educating mother for over 2 decades and wife of a man who was educated at home, I have seen legitimate problems with women directing the education of their own children. But those problems have more to do with children, particularly boys, spending so much time away from the presence of men, including their fathers than whether mothers are capable of teaching trig. It could be easy for those boys to become feminized, particularly if the mother is striving to achieve the "schooling" environment within in the home.

Parents who are aware of the danger can take steps to avoid the pitfalls. Fathers need to be home more. They need to establish a way of providing for their families that actually allows them to be with their families. Or, alternatively, to have their sons with them while they work. Women are to be managers of their homes, but the men are to rule. This includes the training and instructing of the children. Much of the day to day is directed by mom, but dad should be supervising, setting the goals and leading the way.

For those in the transition stage, who didn't plan to raise their families this way, it isn't going to be ideal. A man may have a job that takes him from the home all the time and the children are going to be with mom and she is going to be doing the educating. Those kids are still going to be better off than if they were institutionalized all day with a bunch of unrelated women. But at least those kids will be better prepared when it is their turn to raise their own families. We have to think long term. It may not be able to get it right in just one generation. That is no excuse to continue down the current path of destruction.

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