Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Karen De Coster, The Movie “Fathead” – Anti-Establishment, Anti-Lifestyle Fascism, and Very Libertarian

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I suppose if one were to try to remain paleo, while observing the norms for abstinence and fasting for the Roman rite, one could just eat a lot of eggs? Any possibility of these norms being changed some day, if some version of the paleo diet is accepted as being what is good for one's health? Or are we to think in terms of a diet based on "modern" agriculture until the Last Day? Carbs and sugars may provide cheap energy, but it would appear they are not healthy in a large amount, and one should not resort to consuming them when fasting or abstaining. The observance of such norms should not harm one's health (hence some are exempted from following them -- those who do a lot of heavy labor, and so on).

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