Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Yesterday afternoon, I attended the viewing/wake of my mother's friend. Again, rather unreal to see the body of the deceased -- it just isn't the same as the living person you once knew. It isn't surprising that some think of the body as just a shell, as that the reality of the person is no longer present even though the body lies before you. While I was there I did what I could to honor and pray for her, but I couldn't really express sympathy and my condolences in words. A long day at work? Impairment of my mental faculties? Or I was just being shy and awkward. Hard to say... I think the family was appreciative that I was there nonetheless...

Are we too much of a stranger to death? That is to say, we lack enough personal ties to others in our community that we do not have to suffer the death of others except infrequently, until we get older? What sort of impact does this have on our maturation (confronting death and becoming aware of our own mortality can be the starting point of conversion).

I have to say that it was fun having a police escort this morning for the funeral procession. The funeral banquet was held at Fu Lam Moon in Mountain View... too much rice for me! I had a carb coma this afternoon, and I did not feel good when I woke up from my nap.

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