Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The happiness fix by Caitlin Howlett

Another piece dealing with The Economics of Happiness; at the end of the article the author provides this list of recommendations:

14 ways to chase your happiness

It takes only the simplest of ideas and actions to start fostering a sense of contentedness in your life.
1 Buy your food locally. More conversations happen at farmers’ markets and the local bakery than big supermarkets, so make grocery shopping a social outing rather than
a chore.
2 Join a community garden. Grow your own vegies, green your neighbourhood and learn from the other green thumbs in your area.
3 Build meaningful relationships. Make time for family and friends and inspire them by helping to brainstorm ideas, solve a problem, or make a connection with another friend of yours.
4 Be near nature. Just getting out into the park will dramatically lift your mood, so make a regular habit of a walk in the outdoors.
5 Declutter. The more we have, the less we seem to savour, so remember that less is actually more and donate your excess goods to someone who will use them.
6 Sleep. Get into a regular sleeping pattern and don’t burn the midnight oil too often – that way you’re getting enough rest and vitamin D.
7 Cook for friends. Share good food and good conversation with appreciative people who make you laugh.
8 Get some chickens. Being around and caring for pets helps to keep their owners happy and healthy; and chickens are a very eco-friendly addition to any household.
9 Donate your time where it’s needed. You could visit the elderly, remove weeds from bushland or clean up the local river.
10 Join or start a local group. It could be anything from a community choir to a book club. But allow for flexibility and don’t overload your schedule.
11 Help organise a local fête. Recreate vibrancy in your local community and celebrate what’s special about your area.
12 Ride your bike. Exercise is a great mood-booster, plus it’s an emissions-free transport option.
13 Write to your local MP. Share your ideas about what you’d like to see happen to make your local area even better.
14 Attend a political rally challenging consumer culture. Or get involved with groups such as Global Trade Watch, The Australia Institute, Cultivating Community, or Pigs Will Fly.

Cecile Andrews - Slow is Beautiful(blog)

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